Old City, Jerusalem

Old City, Jerusalem

Hey guys!!!!

I should have had this posted up ages ago but my computer crashed while i was in Israel and yeah that’s what happened. Miss me????, Currently, I’m back to school and this semester looks like its going to be a nightmare but God sure pass hehe..

Anyways, the trip to Jerusalem (remember i went for a summer program in Haifa) started out with a little commotion at the Temple Mount/ Haram al-Sharif with two Israeli policemen and three gunmen killed in a shootout and for the first time in 17 years; Muslim Friday prayers were cancelled. I remember our guide saying that “its good when there is an attack in the morning because it means the afternoon will be safe”. 


Haram al-Sharif

The Haram al-Sharif is believed to be where Abraham offered his son as a sacrifice, where Solomon built the first temple for the Ark of the Covenant and where the prophet Muhammad is said to have ascended while preaching Islam. It is without a doubt, one of the holiest sites on Earth.

Now, there’s a lot of history in Jerusalem and as much as i want to go wild with words, I’ll have to skip the details but you could read up online if you’re interested for more information.

The Old City of Jerusalem is divided in many ways politically but basically into four quarters based on culture, religion and history each with its own unique story. They include:

  • Christian Quarter
  • Muslim Quarter
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Armenian Quarter

I’m definitely going to visit again because there are places i missed out on and my camera gave up on me at some point.

Enjoy the photos…



The Western Wall

The Western Wall is very significant to the Jewish people as it is the remnant  of Jerusalem’s first temple. Jews and visitors come here to pray and squeeze in prayer notes in between the ancient stones of the wall.

P.s. Modesty is paramount, head and shoulders must be covered.








Nuts and dried fruits






We made it out of the tunnels alive LOL!

Before i forget, if you ever plan to visit Israel; DO NOT go anywhere without water.

Till next post..




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