Happy New Month!!!

Happy New Month!!!

I know it’s long overdue but I just got caught up with grad school life but I’m back and hopefully will keep this ship running during the weekends unless something magically creeps up during the weekdays that I can’t keep to myself LOL!

Was it just me or did January look like it took forever?? Glad we’re in February and given a second shot to start the year properly, anyways that’s how I feel *shrug*



Now let’s get into this post! I will be sharing my favorites from last month slash December and feel free to share your favorites too in the comments section.

Alrighty then…

1. 2017 planner: I think it is important to have a planner because it kinda keeps you organized and this particular one that I got is the mintgreen planner. I utilize it in planning my school schedule, social activities and obviously my blog hehe.

2. Anderson Lilley beach butter cream (Winter in Manhattan Beach): quite a mouthful huh? I got this from my fabfitfun winter box and it is absolutely wonderful, although I use it more as a hand cream *covers face*

3. Butterfly Candle holders (gifted): As you get to know me, you will find out that I love candles. I basically hold myself from buying some whenever I get into a store.. Thank you, Temi boo!!!



aren’t they gorgeous?

4. Victoria Secret Lovespell Night: Got this on sale with the blush from one of my last posts. smells divine too

5. Gorilla Snot Gel: I decided to get this after I saw it on my friend’s Instagram page.. shoutout Esther aka @GameOfFros. It has a good hold on my edges so far as I have tried eco styler and ORS olive edge control with no success. P.S I’m a natural haired gal (kinky 4C) two years and counting whoop!

6. The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer: A daily devotional that I would recommend to every lady. I believe spirituality keeps you grounded and centered, so make sure you get this.

7. My breakfast: Veggie tortilla wrap, grapes, and fruit-induced tea 🙂



What are your favorite things from January?? Please share






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