Celebrity Fragrances…

Celebrity Fragrances…

Hello, guys!!!

As you’ve noticed and I earlier said this on one of my posts, I’ll be blogging mostly during the weekends but in the case of something exciting; I’ll just pop up like a jack-in-the-box toy.

Now let us get into this! From the title of this post, it’s obvious that I love perfumes and pretty much love to smell good (thanks to my dad, he got me my first one). I’m not a perfume expert and I haven’t tried out a lot of celebrity perfumes but the major ones I’ve had weren’t so spectacular except these three so far; Killer Queen by Katy Perry, Rise by Beyonce and Fame by Lady Gaga (my all time fav and you should try it). Oh, and before I forget, Queen by Queen Latifah which is my mom’s signature scent is great too.


black liquid never smelled so good!!!

I feel celebrity perfumes have this candy/flower/vanilla/cupcake scents that are hard to distinguish amongst them but if that is your preference, it’s absolutely cool.  I mean these perfumes are decently priced and I think people just get overwhelmed and pick anything that has a celebrity name on it (i do that sometimes too).  I’m more of a deep/smokey/mysterious/manly fragrance typa gal, so extra girly scents kill my vibe.


So! Time to share, what’s your favorite celebrity perfume and what would you suggest I try?


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