Hey, guys!!!

My name is Chiamaka Nwazojie, Mahki for short lol and my love for fashion and the arts are totally out of line with what I studied in school. I’m a Medical Laboratory Scientist currently in college to attain my MPH (Masters of Public Health) degree.

Blogging has always been a battle of procrastination and I’m a chameleon of sorts with it but hopefully, I’ll keep this working for a long time regardless. This for me is an outlet for everything that motivates me and it could come off as a lot but I promise to make it as cohesive as possible.

What should you expect from MahDahliaGrey?  Fashion, A lot of food, lifestyle, photography and a few ramblings here and there. Working with brands that fall in line with what I set out to achieve with this blog is also on the never ending list.

I can’t wait to grow with you and God-willing become the brand I set out to become and you grow to love.




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